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Mike Wentworth

Welcome to the world of
rodeo clown entertainer Mike Wentworth

Formerly from Louisville, Kentucky, Mike now makes his home in Ridge Spring, South Carolina Mike started his rodeo career at a young age of fifteen in a practice pen at a friend's house riding bulls. It was a short career riding bulls after he began to clown on the side where he learned that he enjoyed entertaining more than he did competing. That's where the long journey started for the kid that was still in high school. This would soon be a big change in his life.

There was never a thought in anyone's mind that Mike would choose a lifetime profession of telling jokes and entertaining thousands of people throughout the United States. With the help and support of close friends in the business and family members the Kentucky kid began to wear the baggy pants, grease paint (make-up), telling jokes and performing his hilarious clown acts. The more he performed in front of the large crowds the more people noticed the natural talent he had.

Mike now travels the country in his Dodge truck pulling a trailer which serves as a place to live on the road and transportation for his clown props. The career keeps him on the road nearly ten months out of the year. When he is at home, he enjoys spending time with his family and riding horses, something that has always been in his family.

Some of Mikes comedy routines consist of his flipping Race Car, the Pouched Egg, the Ricochet Shooter, exciting exploding acts, and many others that will keep you in stitches. When it's time for the Bull Riding you never know what kind of character, he might be when he pops out of his barrel. No matter what Mike does during the rodeo it is sure to be action packed. energizing, clean family entertainment that will keep you laughing and on the edge of your seat all night long!

It is recommended that if you get a chance to see Mike live and in person in a town near you, take the opportunity to go have fun with him. At the end of the show when it's time to say good-bye; Mike hopes you enjoyed his entertainment as much as he enjoyed entertaining you.

Happy Laughs

  • 14 X Lone Star Rodeo Company Finals Barrel man
  • 3 X International Finals Rodeo Barrel man
  • 8 X LP.R.A. Clown of the Year
  • 5 X Southern Finals Rodeo Barrel man
  • 2004 North American Bull riding Association Barrel man
  • 13 X National Cowboys Association Barrel man
  • 7 X IPRA Central Region Finals Barrel man


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